Saturday, February 24, 2007

Travels in the skin trade

My top five things I wish were attainable qualities in a fellow sexual partner:

5. Understands that their attitude to women in general cannot be separated from how I experience the way they treat me.

4. Is capable of grasping the fact that sexuality is not experienced in one way for men and another for women.

3. Is as irresistible to me as I am to them, and vice verse not just somewhere in range but exactly equal.

2. Can keep up with my libido, not just at the start of a relationship.

1. Doesn't use pornography, not just because they are getting enough sex but because it is not necessary for them and are aware that there are thousands of more creative, intimate and less harmful ways to enjoy sexuality.

Really I know that about one in every ten billion people will agree with me on the last one which is why I guess I'm nailing my colours to the mast, having met a few of these enlightened folks I am pretty convinced that we are not living in denial about human nature or the supposed 'male need for visual stimulation' that apparently warrants the overuse of pornographic material along with the ridiculous myth that these days its more of a career choice than exploitation which completely misses the fucking point! Anybody else wondered in what wonderfully varied ways our sexual desires would find expression if it weren't for the pre-packaged language of popular pornography? Anyways rant over, prepared to be shot down seeing as i already know everyone who reads this will disagree but it's one of those awfully uncompromisable issues for me. I live in hope!