Thursday, July 12, 2007

From a long time ago

I've been sitting here on the edge for a long time now
The empty chair beside me
And my heart is running out the door
It's halfway over the mountains by now

I don't need my body for this relationship anymore
All the breath and skintips
Crawling gnawing scent
Rising blood waves
are sleeping outside the heavy door

Bolted and locked

And every morning I creep out in my nightdress
Tiptoeing over freezing ice floors
To peer through the keyhole and glimpse my body.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Hour

Her voice sung its greeting
Like blood warmed hair
But the grass stayed cold
On feet tucked under skirts.

Despite the feathers that
Fluttered from tongue to tongue
The breeze was never enough
Never lasted long.

But still it always came
Danced its way through sycamore helicopters
And rested in her breath
Through the sun and through the dusk

Pretending to stay.
But in the Hour
The hour of shivers and purpling grey
The rocks rise up

Voices not calmed but quietened
Ridicule the breeze
For minds
That dare not raise their eyes.