Monday, September 10, 2007

Its that mellowing time

May I just mention that from up here in the 'scoomb we have the most spectacular sunsets especially at the summer/autumn transition. Its enough to make you give up a Hanover lifestyle forever!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sussex Delights

Having resigned myself to the fact that I cannot leave Brighton quite yet I thought I would try and think positively about where I live. In this vein I have diverted a small portion of the energy usually expended on daydreaming about other places I could live into the appreciation of the joys of East Sussex. Firstly we have the spectacular Friston Forest. I had forgotten how much I had been missing trees until they were all around me. The light through the leaves as the sun rose and we clambered from our tents was certainly a wonder to behold.

May I just point out that I took this picture on my crappy phone camera and considering i'm rather pleased with it but just imagine how much better it would look in reality.

Secondly (and i know this is a blatant plug but its not as if they need the business) we have in our fair city the lovely Barley Mow, which in my humble opinion does the best roasts in town. And if you don't feel like scoffing half a chicken and a humongous plate of veg smothered in luscious gravy you can have locally caught fish or wild boar steaks or moules marinere etc etc etc. Basically their food rocks and the atmosphere ain't bad either!