Sunday, October 22, 2006

Non-marital bliss

Seeing as I haven't written anything for ages I thought now, when I have arguably more things to do than anytime so far this year, would be a good moment to procrastinate!

After reading Ford's post depicting the ease with which relationship conflict can be avoided I started thinking about the ease with which conflict has dissappeared from my life. Not having a boyfriend for, well, for fucking ages has brought me numerous pleasures (not like that!), but most importantly it has mellowed me beyond all belief. I used to be one of those annoying girlfriends who got irritated by practically anything and could fly into a rage over a misplaced tone of voice. And while it may be true that these were sypmtoms of deeper issues it came as quite a surprise to learn that this side of my personality was not a constant. Having nobody to legitimately shout at (my kids would hardly be a fair target), i discovered that actually i didn't need to shout at all. Of course I still have a firery temper when required but nowadays it's used more to counter the ridiculous levels of racist anti-americanism so prominent in my fine left wing politics department. So, I am eternally grateful to the god of single life for teaching me that the thing I and my ex despised the most about me was in fact a product of my situation and not an all encompassing destiny of anger!


At 5:46 PM, Blogger SystemAbuser said...

Phew! that must be a relief!


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