Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Abbreviated Vacances

So, I'm changing tack.

I'll never become an editor otherwise. I'm falling back on true blog style listings. In chronological order as far as I can recall on:
Day1. We lost the car when trying to show the police, they then failed to break in and we got ridiculously drunk whilst waiting for Europcar engineer.

Too much gin from the amorous bar tender!
Sarah and Cat sensibly went to bed after a bit more drinking, Esther and I foolishly went along with some new found friends to an awful boit de nuit; bad music, bad dancing and lots of French people who acted like this was the best club ever. Forgot to bother getting the code for the hotel, got locked out, Broke into the hotel, couldn't get in further than the bar, too pissed even to think about drinking the booze. Eventually remembered about international dialing codes and woke Cat to gain legitimate entry.

Day 2. Left Rochefort feeling striped of any remnants of dignity, but not before a quick dance on the roof!

(Image 2 courtesy of Esther)

Drove to Rayon and queued for hours to get the ferry crossing along with hundreds of French tourists heading for surfville. Arrived very late and managed to find a campsite, pitched tents in the dark climbed a forbidden sand dune, lost a toothbrush, slept - rather uncomfortably!

Day 3. We set off inland, (into naturist country) to find slightly more appropriate lodgings. We found Montelivet, and (with the help of le drapeau) the fantastically eccentric and quite possibly drunken, Madame Bordeaux with a perfect little caravan for us and lots of chickens fed on melons to provide le petit dejeuner. Some lovely French boys with doughnuts and a camper van came wooing, cleverly through our appetites. Tasty market fare, lots of wine, weird restaurant, hitch hiking and of course Absinthe!

Day 4. Swam in the Atlantic. Were fed bbqed Camembert by our friendly neighbours who put up with our piteous French, and oh no, another bad French night club. So desperate for punters that it sends out free taxis to pick you up and take you home. Or to leave you stranded if you happen to be occupied for one moment. The wooing had limited success! (Right Gregoire!) Arrived back to a beautiful moody misting morning.

Day 5. Sunbathed. Visited Le Lac, lovely swimming without stupidly strong currents. Returned the cooking favour and played 'Nights of Palermo'.

Day 6. Left the clutches of the would- be Madame (we do not want to be known as Madame Bordeaux's girls). Visited the beautiful phenomenon that is the Dune du Pilat, ocean on one side, forest on the other and 3km of soft sand dune in between, much rolling and diving fun! Drove to Bordeaux and got ourselves another drunken proprietor but this time out of the cold and with real beds! Went out for dinner, much drunkenness and oral sex talk (well we were on a girly holiday)!

Day7. Time to go home, but first there was a watch to collect, a Gregoire to see, Algerian food to be tasted, French Children's books to be translated, presents to be bought, Cathedrals to see and lastly cars to be returned. So we boarded our cheapo flights minus liquids and cosmetics along with other disgruntled englishers and home we came. Much fun was had and it was sad to separate but was definately a holiday to remember if not only for its random improptu nature and the incredible amount of kindness from strangers.

I will learn to be concise if it kills me!!


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